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Plastic Surgeon Cautions Against Smoking Before Surgery

Citing a recent ABC News report, Dr. Michael Tantillo is advising women to stop smoking prior to undergoing surgical procedures such as a breast augmentation in Boston... Read More About Not Smoking Before Surgery »

New Liposuction Procedure in Boston Available at Longwood Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Tantillo now offers a unique body contouring procedure called Body-Jet®, which is gentler and uses less force than traditional liposuction in Boston... Read More About Body-Jet® »

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Boston Provides Natural Results

Dr. Michael Tantillo of Longwood Plastic Surgery now offers fat transfer procedures as an alternative to breast implants in Boston. This innovative enhancement technique uses existing fat cells for increasing breast size... Read More About Natural Breast Augmentation »

More Men Choosing Liposuction at Boston Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Dr. Michael Tantillo is seeing an increase in male patients asking for liposuction at his cosmetic surgery practice in Boston. He highlights the ways in which this procedure can improve the unique needs of the male physique... Read More About Men Choosing Liposuction »

Increased Interest in Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery in Boston

Plastic surgery procedures are more popular than ever following bariatric surgery. People in Boston are choosing these procedures from Dr. Michael Tantillo to remove excess skin and residual fat... Read More About Cosmetic Surgery Surgery After Weight Loss »

Boston Cosmetic Surgery Practice Launches New Web Site

Offering Boston plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and breast augmentation, Dr. Michael Tantillo recently upgraded his Web site to offer additional features for women and men who visit his practice online, including an expanded before & after photo gallery and stories from actual patients... Read More About The New Web Site »

Eyelid Procedures - Lifting Your Look

How many times have friends and family commented, "You look tired"? They probably mean well, but that doesn't mean you want to hear it... Read More About Eyelid Procedures »

Considering a "Nose Job" in Boston?

Your nose sits right in the middle of your face; right there for everyone to see! If you don't like the way your nose looks or how it "fits" with the rest of your face, it may be time to consider plastic surgery in Boston to improve the appearance of your nose... Read More About Nose Jobs »

Incision Decisions

One of the decisions to be made when choosing breast augmentation is where to place the incision. I offer my patients the choice of an incision underneath the breast (inframammary), within the areola (periareolar), or in the axilla (axillary)... Read More About Incision Decisions »

All Shapes and Sizes

Breast augmentation changes the size and shape of a woman's breasts. How do we decide before surgery what size and shape her breasts will be after the surgery? Some surgeons simply ask the patient what cup size she wishes to be and then figure out what implant...
Read More About Breast Implant Shapes & Sizes »


I often see patients in consultation who are seeking to have their breasts "lifted." When a woman's breasts droop we plastic surgeons say that the breasts are ptotic. There are two types of ptosis, and they can exist independently or together... Read More About Ptosis »

Breast Implant Choices

Now women choosing breast augmentation have more implant choices than ever before. There are two implant fillers available, saline and silicone; and implants are available in various dimensions and shapes. Surgeons and patients are now able to more precisely choose the optimal implant... Read More About Breast Implant Choices »

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