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Marisa's Breast Augmentation

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Although only 25 years old, Marisa had known she wanted breast enlargement since she was a teenager. As a size 34A, she felt that her breasts didn't balance out well with the rest of her frame and her small size had a negative impact on her confidence and self esteem. Buying bathing suits and certain styles of shirts was difficult too, so once she'd reached her mid-twenties Marisa felt safe to go ahead with the breast augmentation surgery she'd wanted for so long.

Focusing Her Research

Before meeting with any surgeons, Marisa felt strongly about doing lots of research on her own. She searched phrases like "breast augmentation Boston" and "breast implants" online, carefully studying before and after photos to decide on the look she wanted. She also read patients' stories to get a sense of what the experience would be like.

Armed with this information, she scheduled a consultation appointment with Dr. Michael Tantillo, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is part of a busy cosmetic surgery practice in Boston. They discussed incision placement as well as implant size and shape options. Because she didn't have a lot of skin to stretch over the implants, Marisa learned that she would need to go with a smaller size than she had originally envisioned. And since the new generation of silicone gel implants had not yet received FDA approval, she knew she would get saline implants. She says, "People don't realize how many different options you have. I think a good plastic surgeon will help and go over everything with you. I trusted Dr. Tantillo completely."

Having Her Breast Augmentation in Boston

Everything went so perfectlyMarisa scheduled her breast enlargement surgery for May 2006. She was feeling quite anxious as she and her mom arrived at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital very early in the morning. Her nervousness revolved mostly around the anesthesia, since she had never been put under before. To make her Boston cosmetic surgery experience better, one of Marisa's best friends scheduled her breast augmentation surgery for the same day, so they could go through it together.

Marisa recalls, "Everything went so perfectly, I couldn't have asked for a better day." When she woke up, she was a bit queasy and waited for an hour in recovery until her mom could take her home. Marisa says, "It was a lot better than I expected. The pain wasn't bad at all." After a week and a half, she was back to work. As an esthetician, she uses her arms a lot to give massages and facials, so she took the time she needed to rest and recover completely.

Enjoying Her Results

Today, Marisa's breasts look just like she had hoped. She is now on the border between a 34B and a small C cup. Looking back, Marisa says, "Now that it's over with and I'm happy, that's the best feeling. It's something that I am so glad I did." Because of her job providing cosmetic services, women often ask her where they should go for their cosmetic surgery in Boston. Since her surgery, Marisa has referred about a half dozen women to Dr. Tantillo for breast augmentations. Each one has reported back to her that they are extremely happy with their results. She says, "I carry his card around with me all the time, because I know he's great. I trust him and I trust him to do well with others."

Dr. Tantillo is an accomplished plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentation in Boston in addition to a wide range of other cosmetic options including body contouring and facial sculpting. When you're ready to get started with your cosmetic improvement plan, request a consultation or call his office at (617) 973-9700.

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