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Meet the Staff

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Dr. Michael Tantillo is supported by dedicated administrators and health professionals. His staff will take the time to ensure that each Rhode Island and Boston area cosmetic plastic surgery patient has a wonderful experience in every way.

When you're ready to start enhancing your looks through cosmetic surgery, request a consultation to meet with Dr. Tantillo or call his office at (617) 973-9700.

Debbie, Office Manager

Debbie has been here at Longwood Plastic Surgery since the beginning. In her years in practice, we've benefited from her many talents, including her knack for keeping everything organized, her eye for details when it comes to daily management of our facility — and of course, her amazing chocolate cakes.

Jen, Senior Medical Assistant

Jen has always been a part of Longwood Plastic Surgery. Patient interactions are her favorite part of working here, whether she's greeting them at the door, assisting with minor procedures, or performing tattoos for reconstructive surgery patients. With her clinical experience and sense of humor, she's always able to help patients feel safe and comfortable.

Monique, Front Desk Coordinator

Monique is a recent addition to Longwood Plastic Surgery. She enjoys interacting with patients and keeping everything running smoothly at the front desk.

Ariel, Patient Care Coordinator

Ariel joined Longwood Plastic Surgery in January 2016. Since then, she's settled in as our patient care coordinator, booking surgeries with Dr. Tantillo and helping patients understand the financial aspects of the procedures they decide to undergo.

Fernanda, Medical Assistant

Fernanda's job is helping our patients feel more at ease. As a medical assistant, she primarily helps Dr. Tantillo's patients with a variety of treatments. During preoperative or postoperative visits, Fernanda is here to answer any questions or concerns our patients may have.

Blakely, Physician Assistant

Since Blakely became a part of our team in November 2011, she has been an integral part of patient care at Longwood Plastic Surgery. She's in the operating room, she's a major part of perioperative care, and she's always available to address the concerns our patients have. Outside of work, she lives with her husband and 4 dogs and is a major animal lover.

Evelyn, Operating Room Nurse Manager

Part of a family of nurses, along with her husband and daughter, Evelyn takes a very caring approach to running the surgical suite here at Longwood Plastic Surgery. She's a recent recipient of the "Light of the World" award, which the Boston Archdiocese gave her in recognition of the care she has provided to the less fortunate. Her always-upbeat personality makes for a delightful atmosphere.

Cheryl, Office Assistant Manager

Working closely with Debbie, Cheryl keeps the office running smoothly every single day. She's been with us since the beginning, and she keeps us all in good spirits with her contagiously happy and friendly personality.

Jeanelle, Billing Manager

Jeanelle hails from Cambridge. She holds a degree in fine arts and industrial design from RISD, which reflects her passion for art and fashion design. When she's not keeping our financials in order, she enjoys traveling and cooking.

Idalia, Medical Assistant/Scrub Tech

As our senior scrub tech, Idalia is right at home in the operating room. Originally from Brazil, she now lives in the area with her husband and 2 children. We're happy to have her at Longwood Plastic Surgery.

Kendra, Physician Assistant

Kendra helps physicians during procedures in the operating room and sees patients for postoperative care, setting them on a path to a successful recovery. She is always happy to help patients and alleviate any concerns that may arise.

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